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    Modern Living by the Water
    CAMERICH and Mirvac Co-create a Beautiful Life by the River

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    Melbourne, Australia's second largest city, is a world-famous coastal city and the capital of culture and art. The beautiful Yarra River flows through the city like a fluid ribbon. It's along this river that the first immigrants from Europe in Australia have built the city.


    Today, the Yarra River runs through the heart of the city. With its prime location, Docklands has become a bustling CBD where the land price is high, and attracts numerous well-known companies, universities and institutions to settle.


    With its core vision of 'reimagining urban life', Mirvac, one of the three major property developers in Australia, has launched a high-end residential complex - the Yarra's Edge on the southern bank of the river. Everyone who enters Melbourne from the Bolte Bridge will be able to admire the iconic buildings of the project and its most desirable living space for life, education, work, leisure and art in Melbourne as well as around the world.


    These residential buildings are lined along the river, with the tallest 43-level Voyager towering above all other buildings on both banks. As its name implies, you can find a wonderful life here amid a fast-paced city.


    Voyager is designed by Mirvac's awards-winning design team, which has been leading the Australian high-end real estate market in the past 40 years for its first-class development team, outstanding construction quality, future-oriented design concept and long-standing brand value.


    China's top furniture brand CAMERICH is chosen to help the interior design of the Voyager apartments, which is the embodiment of modern simplicity and comfort, as well as classic elegance. The space is open and exudes a sense of urban-ness.

    Entering the apartment, one is impressed with the overall light and bright white tones. The simple and functional moving line design makes life easier and the large French windows allow more sunlight into the room to light up your mood every day. The private space inside and the bustling city outside are subtly separated yet seamlessly connected.

    Sleek and modern CAMERICH furniture adorns the different rooms like a work of art, from the simple and elegant living room, the clean and bright dining area, to the cozy bedroom, the easy working area and the relaxing corners, representing different life scenarios in the spaces.

    Large abstract artworks enrich the visual aspect of the space, while the smart and eco-friendly premium appliances create a quality lifestyle.

    Around the Voyager, you'll find a variety of facilities and services, including specialty restaurants, shopping malls, cafes, the Wharf Club gym, downtown parkland, riverfront promenade, bike trails and even the boat dock…… You name it!


    The cool breeze ruffles the shimmering Yarra River and sees the Voyager carrying its residents to navigate the urban life like a cruiser, leaving behind the hustle and bustle and returning to a serene and intimate life. Stop here, by the river, and enjoy life as it goes by.


    This project is provided by CAMERICH Melbourne store.

    *Some of the photos are from Mirvac website and the Internet

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