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    Design by the People and for the People

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      Inspired by towering mountains, the highback design of STRATUS recreates the visual impact of openness and continuity. Undulating upholstery embraces a rigid backboard to highlight captivating contours that assure both softness and structure, while rich, contrasting textures create a playful interplay between the real and the virtual.The bed is available with or without a screen. The screen version features a suspended drawer on each side with a thoughtful spot reserved for a power strip.
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      With a sleek base silhouette and a curvaceous back, MELODY is a statement piece as well as a bed. A soothing, comfortable headboard features gentle curves on each end that wrap around a smart, durable base. Angular metal legs provide a sense of airiness as well as stability.
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      EDEN BED
      The EDEN bed comes with a storage box, offering ample and much needed storage space.A unique gas cylinder support system allows for easy opening as well as fast cleaning and arrangement.  Look to the EDEN bed for a peaceful and stress-free retreat from your otherwise fast-paced urban lifestyle. 
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      LUNA BED
      The high headboard design provides a comfortable leaning experience, which also caters to modern people's preference for thick mattresses. The elevated bed legs create an upright style.
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      An extension of EMBRACE chair series. The product features an open arms shaped headboard, creating an intimate atmosphere. Thin and sleek in silhouette, the bed is undoubtedly alluring from every angle.
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      As an extension of the NATURE sofa, this bed is designed to provide ultimate sweet sleep to satisfy your demand from deep within. Just take a breath on it and sense the beauty of simplicity.
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      ELAN BED
      The extension of ELAN sofa further highlights the design inspiration from Chinese landscape painting. The wide bed is soft and comfortable with great elasticity, while the high back offers the shoulders better support. The smooth lines and smart shape, giving the comfort as floating on the water, allow a peaceful sleep.
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      AMOR BED
      An extension of AMOR sofa series. The soft AMOR bed provides a “suspended” design that ensures relaxation, as well as a double folded tight back which gives shoulders and waist better support.

    CAMERICH User Registration Agreement

    I. General

    1.1 The rights of ownership and operation of the official website of Beijing Triumph Furniture Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CAMERICH") shall vest in CAMERICH.

    1.2 Users shall read this Agreement carefully prior to registration and may become registered users only after agreeing to comply with this Agreement. Once registered, the agreement relationship between users and CAMERICH will form automatically, and users shall be bound by this Agreement. Before using special services or products, users shall agree to accept relevant terms of this Agreements.

    1.3 This Agreement can be updated at any time by CAMERICH, and users shall note and agree that the community does not assume the obligation of notification. Notices, announcements, statements or other similar contents of the community shall constitute a part of this Agreement.

    II. Services

    2.1 The specific contents of CAMERICH shall be provided by the community according to the actual situation.

    2.2 The community only provides relevant network services. All equipment related to network services (such as personal computers, mobile phones and other devices related to access to the Internet or mobile network) and required costs (such as telephone fees and access fees paid for access to the Internet, as well as mobile phone fees paid for use of the mobile network) shall be borne by users.

    III. User Account

    3.1 Users who complete registration procedures in the registration system of the community and pass identity authentication shall become formal users and have all authorities which users are entitled to as stipulated in the community; users without authentication shall only have partial authority of the members as stipulated in the community. CAMERICH shall have the right to change the design of authorities of members.

    3.2 Users can only use real names in accordance with the registration requirements and must register with their personal email address. Users shall have the obligation to ensure the security of their password and account. Any loss or damage arising from all activities conducted by users using their password and account shall be borne by users themselves, and the community shall assume no responsibility thereof. If users find any unauthorized use of their account or any other security problems, they shall immediately modify the account password, keep it appropriately and, if necessary, inform the community. The community shall assume no responsibility for illegal use of a user's account by others caused by hacking or negligent password keeping.
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