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    Design by the People and for the People

    • EPIC

      Grand and impressive, the EPIC sofa offers remarkable comfort and thoughtful versatility - detachable armrests that vary in width and height, a side table for storage, an accentuated, angular footprint, and a table element equipped for wireless charging. With modules that can be easily adapted to different spaces, the EPIC series defines a superb modern lifestyle with freedom, ease and sophistication.


      When CAMERICH collaborated with renowned Belgian designer Axel Enthoven, co-founder of international design studio Yellow Window, the result was EAST-WEST. Inspired by ancient Chinese armor elements, the sofa brings together Chinese traditional culture and Western design concepts. With a precise frame, narrow and wide armrests, single seat cushions and custom-fit back cushions, this internationally-inspired piece is exquisite comfort, perfect against a wall or standing alone in your favourite space.

    • BLOOM

      The BLOOM series expands visual space with its simple lines, slender backrests and armrests.The L-shaped components conveniently boost versatility as well as flexibility. The hexagon corner model allows for limitless combinations, while the tufted cushions add detail and visual interest to the overall design.

    • MODA

      The sleek leather-upholstered outer metal frame securely holds plushy overstuffed cushions in place. A visual contrast and delicate balance of sturdy construction with utmost comfort is executed. The tall metal legs give this sofa a simple and elegant expression. A modern and stylish design offers you a cozy experience.


      The elegant appearance and soft seating comfort offer you a truly relaxing time. Easy living is a preferred lifestyle.

    • AMOR (New)

      Smaller size, smoother corners, and lighter legs offer comfort and freedom in small spaces.

    • AMOR

      This compact sofa features a neat profile and double rear curves that provide a better and more comfortable support to shoulders and waist.The 30-degree corner helps create a lively room, filling every moment in life with happiness.

    • ELAN (New)

      The ELAN sofa combines simple, contemporary styling with undeniable comfort. Ability to select the fabric and leather combination into one sofa is another distinctive feature for this series. The optional storage units ensure your living space elegant and clutter free.

    • ELAN

      Leaning on the soft sofa is like being in a Chinese landscape painting, with a cup of fine tea on the side armrest.Both armrests and cushions feature curved shapes. It provides both thin and widened armrest editions, with the later serving as coffee table or storage area.

    • LOLA

      A sofa, or a bed, it’s up to you. An elegant shape and multi-functions are achieved through an easy transformation.Tall and thin metal legs present a clean look, while the free combination of wide or narrow armrests adds more variations and fun to life.

    • NATURE

      Woven leather frame allows flexible matching, and multiple modular design creates various configurations. The result is a more concise, intuitive profile with an enjoyable sitting experience.

    • WAKE

      Unlike conventional sofas in terms of shapes and functionality, this product features a free combination of different modules to satisfy diversified demands. X-shaped legs offer a more balanced visual effect. A range of different sizes and materials works with neat business environment or cozy home settings. 

    • RUBIX

      RUBIX blends modular functionality with flexible elements that provide personalized combinations for a variety of spaces. Sleek, inlaid piping precisely defines the contours of RUBIX, where lines and surfaces meet in harmony. Armrests provide additional storage space, while a movable backrest ensures optimal comfort and relaxation.


      Round curves of the product looks quite like a crescent, so tranquil and so graceful. Cone-shaped legs integrate neo-classical and modern design elements, while narrow armrests and backrests allow maximum use of space available.

    • CASA

      A classical sofa product from CAMERICH features a graceful, solid structure for convenient use.The comfortable pads and cushions bring a premium quality to life, as well as mental peace or meditation to owners. Lowered height helps provide a broader vision and enables a low-profile lifestyle.

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